Just a short note.  I have had folks ask why I would be willing to give out the information found on this site for free.  Well, many people do make money off the information they know and that’s all well and good.  That’s good for them, if that’s what they choose. I personally, like to share my personal journey and the things I have learned about
Doc Joel Wallach’s message about the 90 essential nutrients so that everyone that is interested can have the chance to know it.  Not everyone has money and that fact should not keep them from learning what they need to know.  Everyone deserves to know this information and then they can make a more informed decision.  We encourage folks to research and study….get the facts, not just the talking points.   So, all that to say, if only one person regained their health by learning this great information….without having to pay a penny….that’s all good….it’s truly good for them!

2 thoughts on “Getting the Message out

  1. That was very well said. It’s a shame more people don’t feel that way. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much, we are trying. If you know someone that would like to learn more Please share our contact information with them.

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