And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32 – KJV


Thanks so much for visiting our site.  Our names are Randy and Shannon Cary.                                                      
We wanted to share with you our journey to health and wellness.

Unfortunately, like many women, I have never been that “ideal weight” those weight charts say you should.  My weight has always been a challenge.  I didn’t realize for all those years that my weight was only a symptom of a problem NOT the problem.

I too have always been told that “it’s genetic”.   Thank God, I have been educated and now know, that is not the case.  Weight gain and many other health issues are signs/symptoms of a much bigger problem.

For many years I have been anemic, and in 2010  I began having serious “lady problems” which for someone that is anemic, can be very devastating and even life threatening.  This went on for months and when I did go to the MD, they wanted to do the only things they know to do, which was put me on a prescription and do surgery.  Which neither one sounded very good to me, even then, I knew I didn’t have a prescription deficiency.   Meanwhile, my husband, Randy was having digestive issues and unfortunately, had his gall bladder taken out several years earlier which we would soon learn was not a good idea (and we do regret having it done).

So, this put me on the hunt to find “a better way.”

I know God is in control because things just fell into place and doors were opened.  I started researching and found a Naturopathic Pharmacist by the name of Ben Fuchs. He explained how the body works in a way that was so very eye opening.  I am a Medical Assistant and the medical field has always been of interest to me so I wanted to learn more.  And boy, did I.   :o)

Our journey took us on a path that has been both enlightening as well as frightening.  There truly is so much more going on around us than most are aware of….and connecting the dots has been fascinating.

I heard Ben Fuchs referring to Dr. Joel Wallach and I then learned of his work and research and realized fully what Dr. Wallach’s mission was and I knew I wanted to jump in and help!!!   We have always wanted to make a difference and help others where we can and this is where the Lord has guided us.

Just so you know, I had named this site shannon4health when I first started researching but since doing that, Randy has jumped on board with me.   I thought about changing the name but he says he’s happy with the name so just know he is a Big part of our success and without him our journey would not be possible.

I am so Thankful that Randy is doing much better.  He needed the digestive enzymes since he has his gall bladder removed but we were not told that when he had his surgery.   Man, that would have saved him a lot of heartache and pain, if we had only known.   We have since learned, that someone that has had their gall bladder removed, needs to be taking digestive enzymes for healthy digestion.   Randy and I both, feel so much better now, I even lost 62 lbs.

All our health issues have been resolved, WITHOUT any drugs or surgery!
It’s amazing……When you give the body the 90 essential nutrients it needs….it will
mend itself….
……..   “90 For Life

PLEASE check out the links and watch the eye opening videos here at the site.
They are VERY informative.

I do hope you will do your own research and get informed….

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We are on a mission!

Nutrition is the Solution!      Knowledge is Power!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…  Hosea 4:6 – KJV

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